CoCalc Tutorial
A tutorial for anyone wanting to use CoCalc, especially for teaching

Adding people

When you manage a course on CoCalc you might usually want to add students and collaborators. In this section we’ll add some students and collaborators to your project.


The collaborators will more than likely be your demonstrators and any other lecturers in charge of the course. These can be added directly on the settings section of your project (wrench icon). Collaborators will have full access to all the project content by default.


Students are added directly from the .course file in home directory. If you have a very small group you can add these manually, otherwise you can copy the contents of a .xls or .csv file directly on the Add student by name or email address box.

Exercise 2

We’ll add “students” to the session: locate the hands_on.csv file (in-person tutorial session only, sorry) provided by the tutor and add your peers as students.

You can do this by copying and pasting directly from the file onto the box. Once they have been added, the students will receive an email inviting them to join the course. When doing this please encourage them to use their institutional email and real name for this account.

Alternatively, if the students already have a CoCalc account they can be found by typing their name in the box.

As the students accept the invitation you will be able to see the students name and email in your .course file. This also provides information on when they last accessed the project.

Once a student has been added to the project they have their own copy of the project, which is where they will be working on during the lectures.

Also, note that the material will only be made available to students as you explicitly assign them.