CoCalc Tutorial
A tutorial for anyone wanting to use CoCalc, especially for teaching

Assigning coursework to the students

In this section you will learn how to create assignments/handouts and assign them to students.

If you navigate to your .course file you should now be able to see the students in your course as well as the following upper banner:


You will notice that you have assignments as well as handouts. Both consist on a folder that contains at least one file to be distributed to your students.

The main difference relies on the actions you and students can perform on the files:

  • Handouts: these include the lecture material (notes) and are meant to be accesses by the students at any point during the course. Distributing a handout means to send a copy to the students such that they can work and edit these files independently of each other.

  • Assignments: these cover the coursework/projects students will be working on and which you will be collecting and marking.

Creating and assignment

Open the .course file and click on the Assignments tab. Enter Assignment1 on the search box on the right hand of the screen.

Once the system locates the folders, click on the relevant option and click on Add assignment.

Assigning to students

Once it has been added to the list of available assignments, click on the assignment and set a Due date.

If you want to assign this to the entire class just click on Assign, if you want to assign it to only a few students click on the Assign button next to the student’s name.

Exercise 3.1: Sharing notes

Share your course notes and the LaTex file you created previously with some of the students you added in the previous sections.

Exercise 3.2: Assignments

Following the procedure described before choose 1-2 students to assign the material in the Assignments folder.

Exercise 3.3: Working on your assignment

If you have been assigned some coursework by your peers, open the assignment and make some changes (i.e formatting, re wording, changing plots, adding plots)